Whenever I tell someone that corporal punishment still happens in Tennessee schools, the reaction is typically shock. People can’t believe that kids are still being hit in schools as punishment in the year 2018.

Investigative journalist, Alanna Autler was similarly surprised to learn that this practice is still commonplace. She was shocked most of all to learn that students with disabilities are corporally punished at a higher rate than students without disabilities in Tennessee schools. Click here and here and here to read some of Alanna’s groundbreaking journalism on this topic.

In this episode you will hear my conversation with Alanna, as well as gain a greater understanding of the policies and laws in place that allow educators to continue this very controversial practice.

If you want to see corporal punishment banned for students with disabilities, please contact your legislators and ask the to support HB 2330. This bill, sponsored by Nashville Representative Jason Powell, is coming up in a House Subcommittee this afternoon at 3:00. The corresponding SB 2330 is coming up in the Senate Education Committee tomorrow. Here is a link to the House Subcommittee members to call and here’s a link to the Senate Education Committee members to call.

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